Style and Personality

Everyone has a different style and personality. It’s what makes you, YOU!

Savannah, Georgia Dr. and Mrs. Magnet Wedding

This is me with one of my sisters. We were in Savannah for our sisters wedding.

I have been passionate about photography since I was a child. I would tote around a camera and snap everything and everything that I could.

WavingGirlSee that sunspot? I did it on purpose. I looked at the “Waving Girl” located in Savannah, Georgia and knew the story behind her. I thought a sunspot would be awesome. So I situated myself around and around her and finally got a sunspot.

I have a secret weapon I use when dealing with couples. You see I want a genuine smile. Not a smile because I told you a smile. I want a smile from the heart. So after a few snaps I say “pretend like you love each other”.

Savannah, Georgia Dr. and Mrs. Magnet Wedding

See above? I did it to my sister and her husband. Of course often the conversation goes “but we do love each other” and they talk. But I do get what I want, I get that smile from the heart.

Ashley4WebLook see, I got it again. Every photographer has a secret weapon, or multiple weapons, to get the photo they want. I would also venture to call it their style. Every photographer has a different style. A different way they capture an image than a different photographer would.

SueThe only sessions I can’t style and personalize are homecomings. But those are one of my favorite sessions. You get pure honest emotions that you can capture.

Chelle Belle PhotographyYou’ve waited months and months. And I am just there to capture that moment. Sure later on once the excitement comes down I will pose for certain shots, those shots we talked about.

I also do film photography. I have a 35mm and a few medium format cameras.

image010Here is my husband and our pup Lulu: 35mm film.

I love being a freelance photographer capturing lifestyle images.

I hope you love my style and personality… well enough to choose me to be your photographer.


Mr and Mrs Lane

I was contacted by Umpqua Bank and asked if I would volunteer my time for the Wish Upon A Star Program.

The Scott Family was selected by Umpqua Bank in partnership with 94.1 KMPS, residents of Lacey, WA to receive their wish of a family wedding.

LaneThe family is a huge Seahawks fan and had a Seahawks themed wedding at the Lacey Community Center in Lacey, WA.

Lane21Dorothy and her children: Glen, Emma (Flower), and Eloise.

Lane31Glen walked his mother down the aisle. And her daughters were her flower girls.

Lane38Dorothy and Zak were surrounded by friends and family as they said their vows becoming man and wife. I fell in love with the above photo in black and white, swoon.

I wish the Lane family love and happiness in their marriage.

Thanks to Umpqua Bank and the Wish Upon a Star program for asking me to capture the precious moments of this wedding.

Haunting in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia

I had hinted on my Facebook page that I should tell you about ghosts of Savannah.

Savannah known as the city that walks on her dead.

Even before I first arrived in Savannah my eldest sister was telling me about all these ghost stories.

The one that stood out to me the most was the nurse ghost in the Old Chandler Hospital, which is now Savannah Law School.


It’s a beautiful building. But it is said that on the top floor in the right corner window a ghost of a nurse appears. It is said that she has blonde hair that is in a bun and no face.

I’ve walked by this building several times, even once at night, and nothing. I never saw her. So I decided to head to the Colonial Park Cemetery.

Savannah, Georgia

Now I had heard of some of the ghost stories before I went to the cemetery. I had been on a ghost tour and walked past it at night. Saw some YouTube videos of ghost. So I went to the cemetery and walked around.


Other than the scary tree I didn’t see anything scary. I didn’t see any ghosts. I did see some of the graves that Civil War soldiers had knocked over. It is said they were bored and knocked over some graves and altered some of them.

I enjoyed my time in Savannah. It is a beautiful city. The last photo I will leave you with is of the Waving Girl.


Mr and Mrs Magnet

Wedding|Dr and Mrs Magnet|Savannah, Georgia

I had the pleasure of going to Savannah, Georgia to take part in my sister’s wedding.

My sister Christy and Dr. Andrew Magnet married in Savannah, Georgia in Forsyth Park at the fountain.


CA15My sister Jen flew in from Indiana and I flew in from Washington. Wow, it has been nearly 10 years since the three of us have been together. We were so happy to spend time together.

CA2Jen’s husband Chris drove up from Tampa. Jen and Chris are high school sweethearts. Jen recently moved back to our family’s home state and Chris will be joining her later.


CA3Our bouquets came from Garden on the Square. I loved the David Austin Juliet roses and marabou puffs that added a whimsical feel to the bridal and flower girl bouquets.

CA1I had a blast in Savannah. Glad to have captured a few images for my sister’s special day. And love the image above of my new niece. She was truly a princess.

Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Magnet. I welcome my new brother-in-law and his two children to our family.

2015 Client Guide

The 2015 Client Guide is available! You can download it here.

A reintroduction to myself.
My name is Michelle but I go by Elle. I am happily married to a wonderful man who serves our country, a mother, Starbucks addict, and ginger ale lover. My favorite color is purple. I am a freelance photographer in the PNW, specifically in the Seattle area. I do natural and lighted session. Spirited with my personality guaranteed to have fun.

DSC_0837Chelle Belle Photography is booking sessions now! Email for more information

Who Doesn’t Love a Vacation

Who doesn’t love a vacation, well a working vacation.
I flew to Virginia to help a friend move. I loved walking around and seeing the sites in a new way. No longer a resident of Virginia and now being a tourist.
I enjoyed walking along the beach, especially after my red-eye flight.

And you find things you haven’t seen before, even though you have been to this beach over a hundred times…

And then I attended a wedding as a plus one.
Who wouldn’t love a vintage truck as a backdrop for their farm wedding?

Well I am back in Washington. Took some time to scout a few locations. And I fell in love with a sea mist backdrop.
Deception Pass on Whidbey Island, several spots for a great backdrop.

I am adjusting a few things in my client guide. I am adding film sessions. If you book now you will receive 20% off a film session. Film sessions are $225 for a 2 hour session, processing of the film is included (with prints!). For more information email

Hearts Apart Session: Taylor/Morfeld

Family|Friends|Military|Hearts Apart|Everett, Washington

I love being a Hearts Apart Photographer.

My recent session for Hearts Apart was with Meegan Taylor.  Her son Corey Morfeld is in the Navy.


Corey had his extended family and close family friend (whom he calls wifey) attend the session.  We had such a blast and I enjoyed working with this family.


If you would like to book a session in the Seattle/Puget Sound area please email

Officially Open

Chelle Belle Photography is officially open for business in the Greater Seattle, PNW area.

Accepting bookings for military homecomings in the Puget Sound area.

Destination Weddings will be added shortly, available for travel.

Engagement and Wedding packages available.

2014 Session Guide and Studio Policies will be posted on the website soon.

Ford Family

Ford Family| Norfolk|Hampton Roads

This session began by something tugging at my heart.

I had met Cyndi on a FB group and we became FB friends. She has 3 adorable little girls! Well one day something happened to Cyndi that broke my heart.

When she had her twin babies she posted photos of them on FB. And someone reported it as pornography. A newborn baby girl laying under the bassinet/heater with a diaper on… how is that pornography??

And to top it, these babies were older now… so someone had to search for those photos to report them.

I reached out and offered Cyndi a session.  It disturbed me what people can do these days and of course I have the thought that one good actions will replace a bad action.

I squeezed Cyndi into my schedule, as you see my husband and I were packing and beginning our PCS.


Adored working with the Ford family. And remember to always give back to your community.

A Couple in Love

A couple in love| Everett| Marina| Washington State

It was hard to contain my excitement as we moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and how my finger was triggering to get into action.

Ashley and Israel are the most adorable couple I’ve seen.


They were nervous and it was fun to see their nervousness fade away and their love shine through.

I chose the location in Everett, Washington that is close to the Naval Base. I picked this location due to the low and high tide effects along this stretch.  This location has intrigued me since moving here, I happen to drive by it often.  At one point in the day there will be no water and you can walk out far, and other times the water is up to the edge and very high. It is fun to sit here and watch the tide come in and out… and of course once the tide goes out to walk out onto the mud (I wouldn’t really call it sand).

Thanks to Ashley and Israel for letting me take their pictures. I truly had fun watching this couple love on each other. I see many more happy years of marriage a head of them.